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BooFit Boutique

Marble Resistance Bands

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$10.00 AUD
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$45.00 AUD
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$10.00 AUD

Marble is the perfect pop of colour to add to your workout. These bands can help assist in your warm up or tone up of your body. They are super easy to use and store. As they fitted in a convenient mesh bag to help fit inside your gym bag or just to keep tidy in your room.


- 40% Cotton, 60% Latex

- Light resistance 

- Medium resistance

- Heavy resistance 

- Carry bag included

Sizing Guide

White: Light weight 6-12kg (15-25lbs), 74cm long and 8cm wide.

Grey: Medium weight 12-18kg (25-40lbs), 74cm long and 8cm wide.

Black: Heavy weight 18-27kg (40-60lbs), 74cm long and 8cm wide.